Family members

Family members of a foreigner, holding a work permit in the Faroes, can also apply for a residence permit here. Family members are: husband/wife, cohabiting partners and/or their children. They should use the application form: FO2 (Danish version FO2).

Documents to be included:

1) Copy of your marriage certificate and copies of the children´s birth certificates,
2) If not married, a declaration of cohabitation is required  - such a document certifies the couple has been living in a marital relation at the same address for a certain length of time. Lease contracts, letters recieved at the joint address, declarations from employer or landlord can be included as further evidence,
3) copy of the applicant´s passport.

Family members can apply for an extension using the same application form FO2.


The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration provides guidance for applicants.
Applications can be sent to: 
Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration
Carl Jacobsens Vej 39
DK-Valby 2500 +45 72142003

Write to SIRI:
Choose the link concerning the Faroe Islands on

Determined by certain special circumstances the local police may allow first time applicants staying in the Faroes to submit their applications to:
Police Headquarters
Húsagøta 3
P.O.Box 3018
FO-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands
Tel.: +298 35 14 48