Applications for extending a permit

Applicants who wish to extend their work and residence permit can submit the application form FO1 (Danish version: FO1) to the local police in the Faroe Islands.

Main conditions for extension of work permit:

  1. Application must be submitted before the permit expires.

  2. The employer must throughout the last period have paid the employee’s salary regularly, at least once per month, and in accordance with the wage stated in the contract.

  3. The employee must have fulfilled the conditions set in the work contract including having worked consecutively through the year except for normal holidays according to the Faroese Holiday Act.

Documents to be included:

1) copy of the applicant´s passport,
2) copy of the applicant´s authorization (if the job in question requires authorization).
3) an updated copy of the contract with the employer

4) certification from ALS (appendix, last page) is also needed if the applicant has not yet been in the same job for 2 years.

Permanent residence

Work- and residence permits are temporary permits, generally valid for one year or less. After holding a work-permit for 7 years in succession on the same basis, a foreign citizen can apply for a permanent residence permit, based on the intention to live here permanently.

Please use the application form FO1 (Danish version FO1) with an extra comment about your wish to be granted a permanent residence permit.

When applying for permanent residence, the conditions regarding work and income must be fulfilled one year forward. Therefore, an updated contract must also be attached.

Please note that permanent residence permits are not granted without conditions. Therefore, please read more about other requirements regarding permanent residence here.


Applications can be sent to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. Address: 
Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration
Carl Jacobsens Vej 39
DK-2500 Valby

Tel.no. +45 72142003

Write to SIRI:
Choose the link concerning the Faroe Islands on https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/Contact-us/Contact-SIRI/Kontaktformular.

Applications for extended permits can also be submitted to the police. 
Police Headquarters
Húsagøta 3
P.O.Box 3018
FO-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands
Tel.: +298 35 14 48