Summary of the Fast Track Agreement – The Principles

All applicants are advised to seek further information on the website of the Danish immigration authorities: Link.

For a work permit to be given by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), according to the Fast Track agreement, the employer needs to be pre-approved by the Faroese Immigration Office in Tórshavn (Útlendingastovan).

The rules and main principles of the immigration law regarding work permits are still in effect. The Fast Track scheme allows the Danish authority to make a decision in a case without consulting the Faroese office and the processing time is up to 30 days (provided that all necessary information is included in the case).

The agreement allows the applicant to submit the application on the Faroe Islands, at a police station, if the applicant resides legally in the Faroe Islands. The form FO5 is to be used for a work permit according to the Fast Track agreement.

The applicant cannot start working until he/she has received a decision on the work permit.

If the employer is not approved according to the Fast Track agreement an application will be processed according to the ordinary rules in the immigration law.