We have collected some resources related to integration around the Faroe Islands here below:


New to the Faroe Islands (Útlendingastovan, 2017)
Faroese Edition

Good reception practices for municipalities (Útlendingastovan & Kommunfelagið, 2017) (available in Faroese only)

Integrasjónsálit (Innlendismálaráðið, 2011) (available in Faroese only)

Feel Free! (Almannamálaráðið, 2012)

Parents with Young Children – Health Guidelines for new families in the Faroe Islands (Gigni, 2016)


Learn Faroese Online

Language Learning with Pictures

General Information about the Nursery and Daycare at Alvalon, Sørvági (2012) (also available in Spanish)

Come and Join Us! (Tórshavn Municipality's English Welcome Booklet, 2008)

Integration Policy (Klaksvík Municipality)

Integration Policy Recommendations  (Tórshavn Municipality) (available in Faroese only)

Road Conditions and Weather Report from Landsverk 

Weather App by Landsverk

Welcome to Sjóvar Kommunu, general information (also available in Spanish)

Integration Initiatives


Diversity Week

International Day

Sambinding/ Intertwining

Family Retreat


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