Interpretation Services

Útlendingastovan can help with facilitating professional interpretation sessions.

Remember that there are local interpretation resources available in the islands.

Danish services can provide interpretation over the phone or video-interpretation over the internet. The target language will be interpreted to Danish. Most Faroese professionals understand and speak Danish. Interpretation can be of great help in conversations with staff at day care, teacher-parent meetings, meetings with a public agency etc.

Útlendingastovan is cooperating with a Danish interpretation provider and can help with booking interpretation for citizens or for local public or municipal agencies. As soon as the need for interpretation is certain, we recommend that users contact us in order to proceed.

In our booklet NEW TO THE FAROE ISLANDS there are two sections on interpretation and some good advice links here and here.

The Danish interpretation service that Útlendingastovan uses is an experienced provider of interpretation on a daily basis in Denmark.