About Integration in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands have seen a notable increase in immigration in recent years, leading to a more diverse population makeup. Migrant communities from the Philippines, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, and Thailand are the largest groups represented in the Faroe Islands as of January, 2024.

The Immigration Office has a central role in coordinating various aspects of the integration process for newcomers who move to the Faroes. Working in collaboration with public institutions, NGOs, and municipalities, the Immigration Office focuses on facilitating language learning, labor market integration, and better access to public services for newcomers.

Throughout the year, municipalities and organizations host events and activities aimed at fostering inclusion and supporting the settlement process. For example, Multicultural Week is a one-week event that takes place annually in the fall, where multiple municipalities, organizations, and companies celebrate the cultural diversity in Faroese society. Additionally, the Red Cross provides activities including Red Cross friends, language cafes for non-Faroese speakers, and retreats for intercultural families to learn about Faroese culture and language, and to connect with each other.

In this section, you can find materials and resources related to integration in the Faroese context.

  • New to the Faroe Islands: practical information from public agencies is a handbook for newcomers with essential information on understanding and navigating the Faroese society.
  • Resources contain integration-related materials within the Faroese context.
  • Interpretation service provide a short guide on how to use interpretation services in the Faroe Islands.