About Integration in the Faroe Islands

In January 2021, 2102 non-Nordic citizens resided in the Faroe Islands representing 98 countries accounting for 3,97% of the total population. Philippines, Romania, Poland, Thailand, and Lithuania are the top six largest groups represented in the Faroe Islands.

Primarily, most immigrants who move to the Faroe Islands have the intention to stay long-term. As a newcomer, individuals have the possibility to learn Faroese in their municipality.

Currently, there are few integration-related events that occur throughout the year. Sambinding/ Intertwining is a cooperation between the Red Cross and the local library respective to the municipality for both immigrants and locals to come together and socialize. The municipality of Tórshavn hosts an event called Diversity celebrating different cultures found in the capital as well as the municipality of Klaksvík hosts an event called International Day.

In this section, you can find materials and resources related to integration in the Faroese context.

  • New to the Faroe Islands: practical information from public agencies is a handbook for newcomers with essential information on understanding and navigating the Faroese society.
  • Resources contain integration-related materials within the Faroese context.
  • Interpretation service provide a short guide on how to use interpretation services in the Faroe Islands.