Residence permit under the Special Act on displaced persons from Ukraine

Residence permit under the Special Act on displaced persons from Ukraine

The Special Act for displaced persons from Ukraine comes into effect for The Faroe Islands on Sunday 10th of April 2022. On this day, it is possible to hand in an application.

The application is to be handed in at one of the police stations around the country during office hours. The following forms are to be used:

FO/SL1 (PDF)                    FO/SL2 (PDF)

FO/SL1 (WORD)                FO/SL2 (WORD)

FO/SL2 is to be used if you want to apply for a residence permit as a family member to a displaced person from Ukraine.

Applicants need to meet in person – children included

If you want to apply, you will need to hand in an application personally in order to have your biometrics recorded (fingerprints and photo). The applicants should follow the steps explained in the form under “Instructions”, in addition applicants need to bring one passport photo (see photo requirements on p. 8 in the form). If you have children, applying concurrently with you it is very important that the children are with you, when you meet at the police station and that you also bring the children’s passports or other identity documents. The recording of biometrics can only be done at the police station in Tórshavn. You can always hand in an application in case biometrics are not recorded.

In special circumstances, you will need to contact the police if you cannot meet in person. A case can only be decided if the biometrics of the applicant are recorded.

For more information, please read the application form. Additional information will be available in the coming week on this site, www.newtodenmark.dk.


While your application for a residence permit under the Special Act is being processed, you will have the possibility to be accommodated in a reception house in Tórshavn. This is not, however, a requirement. You can also reside privately, with family or friends.

In case you need accommodation in connection with applying for residence permit, please contact The Red Cross, phone no. +298 1818.