Regarding Brexit and British Citizens in the Faroe Islands

On 31 January 2020 The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) withdrew from the European Union (EU). The Faroe Islands are not a Party to the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and the UK, which means that there is no transition period for UK nationals in the Faroe Islands. British citizens are therefore to be considered as third country nationals at this point. Previously British citizens could apply according to the Faroese Aliens Act and according to the more lenient rules for workers in the Faroese so-called EU-scheme as well. As a consequence of Brexit, the more lenient rules in the Faroese EU-scheme are no longer applicable in relation to British nationals. British citizens wishing to apply for a residence permit based on work or an extension of a residence permit based on work in the Faroe Islands, must therefore meet the general requirements in the Faroese Aliens Act, and the application form FO1 must be used in these cases.