Proposal for a new Integration Law

Proposal for a new Integration Law 

The new Integration Law applies to all foreigners who have a permit to stay in the Faroes. The law also applies to children under the age of 18, who stay with their parents or legal guardian.

It is proposed that immigrants are divided into three groups:

  • Work permits.
  • Family reunification.
  • People that are expelled from Ukraine.

Útlendingastovan will be appointed as the integration authority.

It is proposed that Faroe Island is divided into integration areas. Each area must appoint an integration coordinator before 1st of January 2026.

Everyone who gets a permit to stay in the Faroes will be asked to come for an information meeting by the integration area, who will organize the meeting together with the integration authority. During the meeting the immigrants will get information about rights and obligations in the Faroes. There will also be information about what the integration area and the integration authority can be helpful with and where the immigrant can turn for help in certain situations, if needed.

Immigrants over 18 that have a residence permit on grounds of family reunification, immigrants that are applying for work permit for the 3rd time and immigrants with children will be asked to come for an integration interview as soon as possible after arrival. To attend the interview will be a demand for getting a permanent residence in the Faroes. During the interview there will be information about how a certain knowledge of the language and a certain knowledge of the society will be demanded to obtain permanent residence. The course to obtain this knowledge will be free.

During the interview there will be given information about rights and obligations and about what services and initiatives are available in the Faroese society to help the immigrant become and feel a part of the community.

There will be offered at family course for immigrants that have children under the age of 15. It is also possible to arrange courses for other age groups, fx teenagers.

The immigration authority will be authorized to share information about who moves to the municipality (that is name, address) with the municipality of residence, so that the municipality can offer courses and give relevant information to the newcomer.

It is stipulated in the law that the integration area and the municipality of residence has an obligation to ensure children good integration.

The municipality of Residence and Gigni (institution that promotes good health for children) will be informed about immigrants with children under the age of 18.

The municipality of residence is obliged to ensure that children with Faroese as a second language will get an organized language teaching according to age.

Immigrants with children under school age will be offered a visit from Gigni.

Public authorities will have to use interpreters, when necessary. It is also stipulated that children should, if possible, always be heard in the language they know best.

Last but not least the integration areas and the integration authority have to organize public information and guidance about relevant topics.

It is proposed that there will be a pool of money, from which organisations, municipalities and others can apply for support for events that promote integration.

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