Permission to re-entry / Visas

Re-entry permits:
A foreigner, who has handed in a first time application for family reunification, and is staying in the Faroe Islands with a travel-visa is allowed to remain in the country while the case in under consideration. However, if the applicant needs to go abroad prior to having received his permit, a special permit is needed for re-entering the country.
Applications for re-entry permits (form) are to be submitted to the Danish Immigration Service.
Re-entry permits are time-limited and normally valid for max. 90 days.
A foreigner citizen who is under an obligation to hold a visa when travelling and wishes to travel abroad via a Schengen country, including Denmark, must apply for a permit to enter the Schengen region. Information on visas and which countries require visas can be found on the website of the Danish Immigration Service.
The Danish Immigration Service considers visa cases. In the application form the applicant must inform the authorities which Schengen countries he will be travelling to.   
A foreigner, holding a residence permit valid for Denmark, but who wishes to travel to the Faroe Islands for a short period of time, also needs to apply for a travel visa from the Danish Immigration Service.
Applications for re-entry permits/visas for close family members (e.g. spouses)  of a person with a work permit in the Faroe Islands are also considered by the Danish Immigration Service.form