First time applicants

Applications for family reunification from spouses (application form in English FO/FA1, Danish version FO/FA1) and applications regarding children abroad coming to the Faroe Islands (application form in English FO/FA2, Danish version FO/ FA2) can be handed in at the police stations in the Faroe Islands or submitted to the Danish Immigration Service.

Foreign nationals applying from their home country or from another country in which the applicant has been staying legally for the last 3 months can apply via the local Danish Embassy or Consulate.

When family reunification has been granted, the foreign citizen can reside and work in the Faroe Islands without having to apply for a separate work permit , and he/she will not be dependant on a certain employer.
Family reunification can not be granted in a very short time. If the applicant chooses to stay in the Faroes while waiting for a permit, he is not allowed to work until the permit has been granted. In the meantime the person, with whom the foreigner wants to be reunited, is under the obligation to provide for the applicant.


The Danish Immigration Service and the police stations in the Faroe Islands provide guidance for applicants.  
Applications for family reunification can be sent to:
Danish Immigration Service
Farimagsvej 51A
4700 Næstved
Tel.: +45 35 36 66 00
Fax:  +45  35 30 84 60
If staying in the Faroe islands when applying, the application can be handed in at:
Police Headquarters
Húsagøta 3
P.O.Box 3018
FO-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands
Tel.:  +298 35 14 48
Fax: +298 35 14 49