Application forms

Application forms for work and residence permits are available from:

Danish Immigration Service
Farimagsvej 51A
4700 Næstved

Tel.: +45 35 30 88 88

Application forms see here. Open link and scroll down to see list.

Police Headquarters
Jónas Broncksgøta 17
P. O. box 3018
FO-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Tel.: +298 35 14 48
Fax: +298 35 14 49

Foreigners applying from their home country or from another country, in which they have legally stayed for the last 3 months, can apply via the local Danish Embassy or Consulate.

For further guidance on the application process please contact your local Danish Embassy or Consulate, the Danish Immigration Service or the police stations in the Faroe Islands.