About Us

The Immigration Office (Útlendingastovan), established in July 2008, is a department under Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


The Immigration Office works as an advisory service in regards to local Faroese issues for the Danish immigration authorities:

  • to provide information and advise the Danish Immigration authorities regarding residence and work permits for foreign nationals who wish to come to the Faroe Islands to work

  • to provide necessary local information for the Danish Immigration authorities in connection with family reunifications 

  • to provide guidance for foreigners already in the country - mainly on application matters and permits

  • to help foreigners find the appropriate authority when they inquire on matters that do not belong to the responsibilities of the Immigration Authorities

Decisions regarding residence and work permits for the Faroe Islands are made by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration and regarding family reunification are made by the Danish Immigration Service in Denmark.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade oversees integration in the Faroe Islands and in November, 2015 an integration coordinator was hired under the Immigration Office. The Immigration Office coordinates integration-related areas such as language learning, labor market, and social services as well as cooperate with other agencies around the islands.

  • Advise and partner with public institutions, NGOs, and other parties on integration

  • Cooperate and coordinate with municipalities 

  • Provide materials and information for newcomers to the Faroe Islands


Immigration Office (Útlendingastovan)
Sigmundargøta 13
P.O. box 264
FO-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Tel.: +298 357979
E-mail: info@immigration.fo

Office hours:
Monday to Thursdagy 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm
Friday 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm